• By Thom Davidson
  • Posted November 10, 2017

Manage Policies & Procedures with Contract Guardian

Contract Guardian offers the flexibility to manage much more than just contracts!

Policies are guiding principles that express the organization's culture, goals, and philosophy.  Policies promote consistence and operational efficiency, enhance the organization's mission and mitigate significant organizational risk.  Procedures are step-by-step descriptions of the tasks required to support and carry out organizational policies.

Benefits for the user include: Stay audit ready, reduce corporate risk, simplify reporting and automate key tasks.

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Policy and Procedure Management
  • By Thom Davidson
  • Posted October 23, 2017

Contract Guardian Completes Disaster Recovery Tests

Contract Guardian partners with UCG Technologies for their backup and Disaster Recovery Services. UCG Cloud Backup & DR data centers provide a secure, highly reliable environment and serve as an extension of our own facilities.   The infrastructures are designed from the ground up to ensure business continuity.  Their comprehensive data vaulting, disaster recovery and business continuity services ensure that vital business processes always function smoothly.

Contract Management Blog

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Contract Management Blog
  • By Thom Davidson
  • Posted September 11, 2017

Top Contract Management Blogs

  Yes, we are writing a blog about blogs that relate to contract management.  Countless firms across all industries engage in contracting.  There are numerous aspects to contracting and contract management that affect healthcare to technology and everything in between.  Below is a list of some of our favorite blogs.

  • National Contract Management Association: Its website is quite robust and provides some very valuable resources that include new, legislative notifications and other publications. There blog has articles that discuss all aspects of contract management topics.
  • Procurement Leaders: Procurement Leaders is an organization that offers services and information to procurement professionals and other supply chain executives to help companies obtain maximal value and attain operational efficiency. Their blog provides great information that is relevant to procurement topics and contracting.
  • The Compliance & Ethics Blog: Excellent blog for anyone in health care on a variety of topics and of course contract management and compliance.
  • Contract Guardian: We are slightly biased and certainly proud of our blog and believe it delivers sound contract management content as well as updates to our product offering.

  • By Thom Davidson
  • Posted August 23, 2017

Why Legal Departments Use Contract Guardian Automation

  Combining auto completion of contract templates with approval workflows, Contract Guardian automation software enables business users to initiate contract requests and receive signature-ready contracts. The workflow enforces compliance to your processes and tracks every step with unlimited collaboration.

  • Robust approval process with workflow
  • Unlimited templates for document generation and preview mode.
  • Compliance and audit of every step of the process.
  • Incorporate electronic signature as part of the workflow process.

 Contract Guardian Document Generator

 Contract Guardian Workflow

Why Legal Departments Use Contract Guardian Automation
Contract Management Drag and Drop of Documents
  • By Thom Davidson
  • Posted August 1, 2017

Drag and Drop Contract Documents

  Contract Guardian announces Drag and Drop of multiple documents into the contract repository. Drag and drop files from the following environments:

  • Local PC and Network
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox Folder

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  • By Thom Davidson
  • Posted July 10, 2017

Health IT Summit

  Contract Guardian, a leading solution for managing company contracts, commitments, and compliance announced that its plans to attend the Denver Health IT Summit on July 18 - 19, 2017. The event will be held at the Ritz-Carlton. 

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Contract Management Conference
Healthcare Contract Collaboration in Workflow
  • By Thom Davidson
  • Posted July 5, 2017

Contract Collaboration

  Contract management has evolved both in the role of strategic importance and technology to support the process.  Clearly automation has become a critical component of the management process. Contract management has evolved from the back office, manual, time-intensive process to an automated, efficient, and innovative process that can drive greater collaboration inside and outside of the organization.

In the past, one depended on out-of-date templates, email threads and version control issues.  With Contract Guardian, you have one-click-contracts (fully merged data),online collaboration including conversations with the vendor and of course complete support for redlines and version control as well as electronic signature.   The entire process is driven by the graphical workflow module in Contract Guardian.

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  • By Thom Davidson
  • Posted April 4, 2017

Two Recent Security Enhancements

  Contract Guardian has enhanced security by offering two factor authentication.   We eliminate the potential for unauthorized access by integrating 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication).  Both primary password and user's mobile phone are needed to properly authenticate and get access.

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  Contract Guardian delivers unlimited Document Retention Policies to match your organizations requirements.  side from certain legal requirements, or specific contract terms, organizations are not expected to keep documents forever

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Healthcare Contract Management Security Features
  • By Thom Davidson
  • Posted March 3, 2017

Automatic Report Scheduler

  Contract Guardian has updated the reporting module scheduler with easy configuration and automatic triggering.  Need an annual review every January 1 or contracts to be reviewed by CFO every Monday morning?  No problem.  Simply schedule the report and it will automatically be scheduled and executed..

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  • By Thom Davidson
  • Posted February 9, 2017

Do You E-Verify Your Employees?

  If not, you should consider it. E-Verify helps protect your employees, business associates as well as your business. It is required in almost 25 states for any government work and many healthcare facilities requires it as well.  Contract Guardian performs E-Verify for new employees.

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  • By Thom Davidson
  • Posted January 5, 2017

Dynamic Attachments added to Workflow Module

  Contract Guardian has automated the process of linking requested attachment types to an individual step in any workflow process.  This simplifies both the creation and use of a step while providing the desired security and flexibility for even the most complex workflows.   Attachment Types must be assigned to the step when the step is being configured inside a workflow route.  When the step is run in a route, users will be able to see the attachments that are of the attachment types defined.  No other attachments will be shown to the users.

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  • By Thom Davidson
  • Posted January 6, 2017

2017 Compliance Institute

  Join us in National Harbor, MD for the single most comprehensive compliance conference designed specifically to meet the needs of today's healthcare compliance professional. Healthcare Reform, Hospital Physician Alignment, Compliance Effectiveness, and HIPAA Privacy/Data Breach are all adding complexity to the challenges facing compliance professionals.  The 2017 HCCA Compliance Institute can help you bring order to this seeming chaos.  The program is designed for compliance professionals from a variety of healthcare backgrounds, including compliance officers, billing and coding professionals, auditors, nurses, risk managers, ethics officers, privacy officers, health information professionals.