Below are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Contract Guardian and our contract management software and services.

healthcare contract management No!  If you choose our Cloud based solution, you only need a modern browser to access via your Desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. Most clients us Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Firefox as their web browser.

On-premise implementations leverage the latest .NET architecture from Microsoft.   The System utilizes the industry standard and high-performance database technology, Microsoft SQL Server.  The contract management application can run in a virtual environment as well.

No!  Contract Guardian allows you to have as many users as desired with no additional fee.   In fact, this can include people outside of your organization.  Perhaps, you might engage outside counsel to review certain types of contracts.
No!  We base pricing on contract volume and options selected.  It is our opinion that the client has a better sense of the number of contracts they manage and features they require.  Trying to predict how many attachments and the size of each document would be a daunting and unrealistic challenge.  Therefore, our clients can have as much storage as required with no additional fees.

Yes. Contract Guardian offers all the services required to assure your contract management success. Most implementation include the migration and or conversion from another system.

When migrating from another system, we don't just migrate the contracts. Many of the normal configuration options shown below will automatically be recreate to mirror your existing system. We can adjust from there where desired.

 Contract Types  Contract Status Levels
 Party Types  Contract Attachment Types
 Contract Task Types  Custom Fields
 Workflow Routes  Workflow Step Templates
 Contract Permission Roles  Groups
 Organizations  Departments
 Autoreviewer Phrases  Reports

Contract Guardian stores your data in secured data centers.  In addition to normal backups, all of the contracts in Contract Guardian are vaulted at a second and third data center.  Contract Guardian uses the services of UCG Technologies. The data is fully encrypted prior to transmission, during transmission as well as in the digital vault with UCG Technologies.

You own your data!   In fact, a client can download their data at anytime.  Contract Guardian will provide you all of your information should you decide to discontinue using the services. If you cancel the subscription, and once you have confirmed you are fully off the system, we will delete all records within 30 days 

Absolutely!   One can store unlimited attachments related to a contract.  In addition, you can relate one contract to another contract.

Worried about version control?  No worries.  Contract Guardian keeps unlimited versions of your contracts and attachments.   Perfect for any redlining.

No.  Contract Guardian first users were in the Medical and Healthcare fields. Since then, it has been adopted by a variety of industries.  The flexibility and end user customization gives Contract Guardian the latitude to work with just about any type of organization and agreement.

 Industries Served

It is your choice.  Contract Management Education is offered both on and off-site.  Many clients prefer the web-based delivery for several reasons:

  • Flexibility of schedule
  • Reduced cost - no travel expenses
  • Video recording of sessions for review or for employees that are unable to attend

The absolute best way to manage support is to make contract management intuitive.
When questions and or problems arise,  Contract Guardian delivers several support mechanisms:

  • Support integrated within Contract Guardian - While using the product, a client can submit an issue.   It is immediately routed to both the support team and R&D Team.
  • Telephone Support - Our support team is ready to answer your contract management questions.
  • Email Support Ticket - Submit your issue and a support ticket is immediately created and routed accordingly
  • Live remote access - With just a few clicks, our support staff can share your Contract Guardian screens and resolve the problem immediately.
  • Education Videos - available at anytime for client viewing directly from Contract Guardian

Contract management software deployments and implementations can vary in complexity based on your organization's needs, as well as the decision to deploy via the cloud or on-premise.

A relatively simple implementation can usually be completed in a week.  A more complex environment may take 4 to 6 weeks.  Coordination of the training around the clients schedule and conversion from an existing system is what generally extends the implementation.

We have developed a healthcare contract management implementation timeline page as an example.

 Contract Management Timeline

Yes.  The system is fully configurable.  For example, you can change business rules, add additional organizations, change the structure, alter contract requirements, change user permissions and create new roles.

Contract Management Software Headquarters for Contract Guardian We are headquartered in Independence, Ohio.  Founded in 1987, UCG Technologies is a highly specialized Strategic Service Provider (SSP) of customized Information Technology products and services.

UCG Technologies (owner and developer of Contract Guardian) has been providing sound technical and business solutions to our clients since 1987.

The team consists of software developers, design engineers, infrastructure, security experts, client success representatives and contract management consultants. .

Yes. UCG Technologies has been providing sound technical and business solutions to our clients since 1987.

Our product and service offering:

  • Contract Guardian
  • VAULT400 - Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • IBM POWER8 Systems
  • Enterprise Security Training

Support and Privacy

The leading support organization for hosted contract management in the industry combining global experience with local firm service.

At Rippe & Kingston Systems, Inc.,  we intend to give you as much control as possible over your personal information.