Contract Guardian Releases Auto Complete (Document Generator) Module

On January 4, 2016

CG has delivered another level of automation to your business operations as well as enhanced risk control and compliance to your contract and document management.

Cincinnati, OH - January 4, 2016 - Contract Guardian today announced it has released Contract Guardian Auto Complete Module.  Now, one can automatically complete / generate any document type by leveraging the Contract Guardian Repository and this new module. 

Imagine having the ability to generate a completed Contract, Quote, Sales Order, etc. with total confidence that it adheres to your rules/standards and the critical elements are driven from your system.someone available   Contract Guardian does exactly that and can dramatically improve your speed and efficiency for any document type.


  • Eliminates errors and assures consistency
  • Speeds up the completion of contracts, quotes, sales orders, etc.
  • Unlimited templates can be leveraged by Contract Guardian
  • Expands use of system well beyond contract management

Healthcare contract management

Technology Consideration

  • Requires Microsoft word and the Docx format in the template creation
  • User must have appropriate permissions
  • Can reference all Contract Guardian core fields and any user defined field.

Healthcare contract management

  Auto Complete Module

About Contract Guardian CG has clients in 43 States and 9 Countries. Our Contract Guardian contract management software has been a key part of our overall success. Hospitals and healthcare were the first clients to leverage this powerful product and then it spread to other industries.

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