Contract Guardian Releases Contract Cover Sheet Generator

On February 26, 2016

Cincinnati, OH - May 26, 2016 - Contract Guardian today announced it has released Contract Guardian Cover Sheet Generator.  The Cover Sheet Generator can be used for both pre and post contract generation.   Many organizations start their workflow process with a cover sheet to capture initial meta data for their contract management system.  Others request audit summary copy with the meta data populating the cover sheet.  This new feature addresses both needs.

Cover Sheet Information

  • Date and Time Stamp
  • Agreement name
  • Core Contract Information: ID, Document Name, Contract Type, Organization, Document Status, Departments and Effective Date
  • Users and Parties: Responsible Parties, Interested Parties, Annual Reviewers, Groups and Other Parties
  • Expiration Information: Expiration Date, Auto Renew, Renewal Duration, Renewal Quantity
  • Custom Field sets and Fields - Contract Guardian provides unlimited Field Sets for any contract type

Healthcare contract management Cover Sheet Contract Cover and Routing Sheet

Industries that frequently use Contract Cover Sheets
  • Healthcare - Hospitals
  • Academia - frequently in Universities documents
  • Finance
Common Goals:
  • Define routing of requests and approvals
  • Summarize key contract information
  • Define compliance requirements and recording of actions

About Contract Guardian CG has clients in 43 States and 9 Countries. Our Contract Guardian contract management software has been a key part of our overall success. Hospitals and healthcare were the first clients to leverage this powerful product and then it spread to other industries.

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