Contract Guardian Releases Workflow Module for Contract Management

On July 24, 2015

Contract Guardian (solution from Rippe & Kingston Systems, Inc.) sets the new standard for graphical workflow management for contracts, documents and other forms.

Cincinnati, OH - July 24, 2015 - Contract Guardian (solution from Rippe & Kingston Systems, Inc.) today announced it has released Contract Guardian Workflow Management,which manages contract approvals, reviews and other processes from within Contract Guardian. Through this advanced workflow capability, contract managers, compliance officers and other business leaders can automate the tedious, and often manual, approval and reviews processes required to push forward critical contracts, projects and initiatives.

"We are excited to further our mission of building best-of-breed contract management by integrating our workflow manager."

John Reuter, Director of Implementation Services of Contract Guardian.

Additional benefits and features of Contract Guardian Workflow manager include:

  • Provides intuitive, graphical workflow designer to build contract review, approval and other process workflows
  • Automates approvals, checklists and change management processes
  • Monitors process efficiency and identifies improvement areas
  • Delivers provision for 3rd party access with complete security and compliance
  • Journals all actions at every step of the flow
  • Automates notification without flooding the user with email
  • Delivers managerial view of all workflows in their various stages with individual calendar view

Healthcare contract management workflow

Contract Management Workflow in Process

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About Contract Guardian (a Rippe & Kingston Systems, Inc. Solution) Rippe & Kingston Systems, Inc. has clients in 43 States and 9 Countries. Our Contract Guardian contract management software has been a key part of our overall success. Hospitals and healthcare were the first clients to leverage this powerful product and then it spread to other industries.

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