Contract Guardian Releases a Series of Fixes and Enhancements during January-February 2015

On March 5, 2015

Cincinnati, OH - March 5, 2015 - Contract Guardian detailed a series of fixes and enhancements to the Contract Guardian product.

"We update our clients on their Contract Management Dashboard with any changes to the contract management system."

John Reuter, Director of Implementation Services of Contract Guardian,

Some of the fixes and enhancements to Contract Guardian during January-February 2015 include:

  • User Transfer when all Document Types are selected for transfer will also transfer All tasks for the source user to the target user The source user's saved reports are transferred to the target user
  • User Defined Field edit will no longer allow the user to change the field type from one type to another. As an example an administrator cannot change a date to a drop down. This was done to preserve any data associated with the original user defined field type. A new user defined field will need to be created in this situation.
  • Other Party list display on the document create and view now shows the Primary Contact followed by a dash then the Company Name so users with the same name from multiple companies can be shown and distinguished from each other when being displayed. The prior display was only the Primary Contact.
  • Document View text fields and paragraphs have been increased in width by 100% to use more of the screen real-estate space
  • Task create no longer sends email to the creator of the task; sends email to the assigned to user only
  • eSignature editor now allows a custom message to be included in the initial email to the signers.
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