Contract Guardian Enhances Auto Complete (Document Generator)

On September 1, 2016

The Auto Complete (Document Generator) adds preview functionality within Contract Guardian.

Cincinnati, OH - September 1, 2016

Creation of contracts can be a complicated process that requires extensive review by your legal council and the agreement stakeholders. The Contract Guardian Auto Complete (Document Generator) minimizes the effort.   The addition of the automatic preview within Contract Guardian adds additional speed and flexibility to the process.

Tech contracts can be complex and that means extensive legal review. Document generation minimizes the pain of finalizing a contract because the integrity of your contract isn’t changed. That eliminates the need to create a new one every time you or someone else makes an edit. For legal, this means less review time. For sales, this means a much faster time to close.

The process is initiated by selecting a template in a drop-down list from your standard agreements (unlimited) to be used in the generation process. Next, click the generate button and you will see the completed document in a preview window as shown below. Other features:

  • Zoom in and zoom out on the generated document.
  • Detach from current window. Move it to another tab or a separate monitor.
  • If needed, you can download to your local PC to do any additional editing.

Healthcare Contract Management Document Generator

Contract Guardian provides a convenient mechanism to pull down any of the documents that you have generated.

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Healthcare Contract Management Document Generator

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