Contract Guardian Deploys Drag and Drop

On August 1,  2017

Drag and Drop

Cincinnati, OH - August 1, 2017

Healthcare Contract ManagementImagine adding multiple attachments to your Contract Repository by simply selecting multiple items and dragging them into your contract repository.  Contract Guardian does exactly that and saves both time and money by streamlining this process.

Users and select one or more files to be added to Contract Guardian with this interface.

  1. Local PC and Network - Create and assign unlimited phrases
  2. Outlook - Microsoft does not provide this capability natively,  However, Contract Guardian can let you pull documents from Outlook and add them to Contract Guardian via a small plug-in.
  3. Google Drive - This is especially nice if using the Google Drive option on your PC.
  4. Dropbox Folder - This is similar to the Google Drive and will allow you to drag and drop as well.
"The Drag and Drop user interface for loading of documents is one of several areas where Contract Guardian leverages this time saving technology."
said Thom Davidson.

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About Contract Guardian has clients in 43 States and 9 Countries. Our Contract Guardian contract management software has been a key part of our overall success. Hospitals and healthcare were the first clients to leverage this powerful product and then it spread to other industries.

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