Contract Guardian Rolls Out Numerous Enhancements.

On October 17, 2016

Contract Guardian Development Team Releases Several Enhancements.

Cincinnati, OH - October 17, 2016

Contract Guardian is frequently rolling out a series of enhancements and performance updates.  This Autumn has been no exception.  Below is a detailing of the more noteworthy changes that have been released:

  • New system communication messages - temporary messages for Contract Guardian to communicate to the users.  Examples would include pointing out new features on the page where it has been added or even a potential system problem.
  •  Sorting and filtering of fields and fieldsets in Document Types and Fieldset Maintenance has been added.
  • Batch performance enhancements were implemented.
  • A Field Codes display is now available on the Documents menu under a new option called Field Codes.  This contains all Field Codes used in the Document Generator and Email Notifications.  This provides a convenient way to locate the fields that you may use in Microsoft Word Document Templates that works with the Document Generator.
  • Bulk assign functions in the User Maintenance are now transferred to a background job to further improve the user experience.
  • Some minor issues related with time zones other than EST have been corrected.

Field Codes
All of the enhancments referenced above were made available at no charge to our clients.

About Contract Guardian CG has clients in 43 States and 9 Countries. Our Contract Guardian contract management software has been a key part of our overall success. Hospitals and healthcare were the first clients to leverage this powerful product and then it spread to other industries.

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