About Contract Guardian

The Contract Guardian story combines a unique blend of healthcare expertise, data privacy and protection expertise, and true personal experience.

Contract Guardian About Us
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Contract Guardian has served healthcare clients for over 20 years. In fact, the original architecture and design of Contract Guardian was developed specifically for a large health system to organize, manage, and automate their contract processes. The platform is now central to the organization and continues to evolve with their needs. They are not alone. Healthcare organizations of all types and sizes now leverage the flexibility and customization of Contract Guardian. The system continues to adapt to the ever-changing healthcare environment with our development team adding over 200+ enhancements to the system over each of the last 3 years. In addition, Contract Guardian has members on the team with health administration experience, including a pharmacist, which is instrumental in bridging the gap between administration and IT. Contract Guardian is the solution for healthcare, and has the tools to meet your specific needs.

UCG Technologies provides data privacy and protection expertise which is of particular importance to our healthcare clients. UCG has the infrastructure knowledge to ensure all stringent requirements of the healthcare industry are met. Data protection is critical and Contract Guardian benefits from all of the best practices employed by UCG. Data may be the most valuable asset to a client and so Contract Guardian holds to the philosophy that clients should own and have access to their data at all times.

Contract Guardian has developed within the parameters of the modern day health system and will continue to change with the industry. As the healthcare landscape continues to change and organization requirements for contract management evolve, Contract Guardian will continue to adapt to be an essential tool for healthcare contract management.