Contract Guardian Audit Journal for Contract Management

Contract Guardian assures you that you can record, search, report and be notified on any task/activity related to the management of your contracts. The journal of your contract management system activities allows you several views:

  • All Journal items
  • Only Contracts
  • Email Notifications for Contracts
  • Contract Workflow Steps
  • Tasks assigned to individuals related to a contract
  • Manually Generated Items (Notes, comments from a call, etc.)

Each transaction regardless of type will provide:

  • Ability to zoom into the detail (Contract, Email message, Tasks assignment, etc.)
  • Identification of related document
  • Complete audit stamp: Data/Time/User that created, changed or deleted information related to your contracts
  • Before and After Values in Contract
  • Title of the activity

You can of course use tab options to select type or use the filters. The details of your contract journal selection can be automatically exported to Excel or other spreadsheet tools.

Audit Jornal for Contract Management Software

Advanced Filtering of the Contract Journal

For those who want to go beyond one-step filtering that is provided in Contract Guardian, the Contract Filter Control delivers a customizable dialog that allows contract administrators to build filter criteria of any complexity with a simple yet elegant interface that puts the entire power of the filtering sub-system at your fingertips. Through a simple process of selecting column(s) to filter against (Contract, User, Date, etc.), an operator for the filter and one or more values to apply to the filter against that column, you will be able to create even the most sophisticated of filters simply and easily.