Auto Complete a Contract, Quote, Sales Order, Reviews, etc.

 Auto Complete Contracts, Quotes, Sales Orders, Reviews, etc.

Auto Complete is a comprehensive document / contract automation feature.  It facilitates the creation and sharing of multiple documents by fetching data entered through Contract Guardian. You can link unlimited document templates to be completed via the mapping of merge fields.  Now you can leverage the data fields to fill out your Contract, Quote or any document where you wish to leverage this very powerful merge functionality.  The document is always available to you should you desire additional editing after the merge.

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 Preview your contract and see the data merge from Contract Guardian into your templates.

Merge Contract Templates

 Creation of contracts can be a complicated process that requires extensive review by your legal council and the agreement stakeholders.  The Contract Guardian Auto Complete (Document Generator) minimizes the effort.

Document generation minimizes the pain of finalizing a contract because the integrity of your contract isn't changed.  That eliminates the need to define a new one every time you or someone else makes an edit.  This mean a reduction of time and effort for your legal department. It also expedite the process for your contract stakeholders in procurement, sales, etc.


Creating The Template

 Contract Guardian leverages Microsoft Word Manage all of your risk and compliance phrases from a central panel.

  1. Step 1 - Select document(s) you would like to use as a template
  2. Step 2 - Identify the content that you would like to be populated from Contract Guardian.
  3. Step 3 - Assign existing Contract Guardian Fields to each of the merge content area
  4. Step 4 - Load the templates into Contract Guardian

Build the Document

 Unlimited templates are available for the immediate completion and linking of data in Contract Guardian.

  1. Step 1 - Create the contract/document meta data as normal.
  2. Step 2 - Select the template(s) from the drop down list that you wish to create
  3. Step 3 - Download completed document or add additional editing.


 Contract Guardian Auto Complete adds another level of automation to your contract management system.

  • Eliminates errors and assures consistency
  • Speeds up the completion of contracts, quotes, sales orders, etc..
  • Unlimited templates can be leveraged by Contract Guardian
  • Reduce costs - improve efficiently and better utilizing a lawyers' time
  • Save legal time and resources
  • Standardize agreements
  • Improve delivery time of goods and services