Automatically Review your Contracts without User Intervention

 Imagine having someone available to proofread your contracts every time there is a new document added or a new version of the document.  Contract Guardian does exactly that and can stop a contract in its tracks and alert you regarding inappropriate phrase or potential risk.

What Triggers a Review?

Quite simply, Contract Guardian will perform the review automatically whenever a document is loaded into the system that has a series of phrases associated with the contract / document type.

Healthcare contract management autoreviewer

Phrase Creation and Management

 Manage all of your risk and compliance phrases from a central panel.

  1. Phrases - Create and assign unlimited phrases
  2. Definition - A phrase can be a partial or single word, several words and even multiple sentences, paragraphs, etc.
  3. Assign to Contract Type - Each phrase can be assigned to one or more type
  4. Views- View a phrase and see all associated types as well as viewing a contract type and seeing all phrases associated with that type

Contract Autoreviewer Alerts

 You are always in control and aware of any alert regarding risk, compliance or any phrase check you wish to perform on your contracts and documents. The configuration

  1. Trigger a Review - Every time you load a contract, make a revision or upload a new version, the autoreviewer springs into action.
  2. Alert within Workflow - If a workflow is in process, a user will be notified at each step if a contract has an active alert.
  3. Alert within Contract View - Contract Management Software Autoreviewer AlertNext to your attachments indicates that an alert has been triggered and requires your review.
  4. List of Phrase Conflicts- A complete list of the contract phrases of concern are presented.


 Contract Guardian Autoreviewer brings risk avoidance and compliance to another level of automation.

  • Stops bad or risky contracts before they even start a workflow process.
  • Monitors any revision and alerts you if there is a concern.
  • Enables you to define the terminology for review and change it as your environment and contract types evolve.
  • Saves you countless time and money by allowing Contract Guardian to do proofreading for you with your standards.