Contract Guardian Announces Expanded Key Performance Indicators for Contract Management Workflow

KPIs Deliver Actionable Insight into Workflow Management

Thom Davidson

Key Performance Indicators

Peter Drucker, world-renown business philosopher, is often quoted as saying that "You can't manage what you can't measure." That is certainly true when it comes to the management of contracts and their associated workflows. Let’s face it, unless you measure something you don't know if it is getting better or worse. This is the reason we are releasing additional features in our Key Performance Indicator module for Workflow.

A series of charts and grids help give an accurate representation of how well your organization is performing with Workflow. The KPIs address the primary characteristics of being “Quantitative (The KPIs can be presented in the form of numbers), Practical (The KPIs integrate well with existing company processes) and Actionable (The KPIs can be put into practical application to effect the desired change).” Laura Lake, Hubspot (Follow Her).

"We are excited about this enhancement as it helps drive our clients towards contracting excellence. Our clients can readily answer issues like cycle time for a contract, delays in approvals, and user performance to name a few.”
- Matt Paterini, Regional Director of Contract Guardian

The “Workflow Statistics” module shows how well each route performs. Average Completion Time shows how many days, on average, it takes for a given Route to be completed. You can also get a sense as to how many have been ran, completed, and rejected for any given route.

The “Step Statistics” goes one step further. This provides analysis on how long each step within a route takes to complete. If there is a common bottleneck in your workflow, you’ll be able to find it here.

The “User Statistics” is the lowest-level statistic currently offered. This gives you a glance at how well individuals are performing, both on a workflow and a step level.