How To Grant Special Access to Certain Contract Types and Fieldsets

Thom Davidson

Do you wish to control access to certain contract types?

Contract Limited Access

Contract Guardian enables you to create an unlimited number of contract types. One can establish the visual look, default values, required fields, workflows and more. Occasionally you will have a contract type that you wish to limit to only certain groups regardless of organization. For example: A hospital wishes to grant access to Physician employment agreements by only Human Resources and the Legal Department. They want to be absolutely sure that nobody else can see the contract. This action is performed in Contract Guardian via the restricted access option for Contract Types.

Step 1. Select Type

Navigate to Configuration > Document Types > Select Type to Edit

Select Contract Type

Step 2. Select Type

Select YES for Restricted under the Security Section

Select Restricted

Step 3. Select Groups

Select Groups you wish to grant access and SAVE your changes.

Select Groups

Step 4. Use these restricted types with the confidence that only members of the selected groups have access to these contract types.

Please Note: Contract Guardian supports unlimited contract types and you can edit these restricted features at any time.

Perhaps you wish to be a little more granular in your access permissions. Example: Only show financial metadata to the Finance Group or even a specific person in management. This can be accomplished via the fieldset permissions.

Step 1. Select Fieldset

Navigate to Configuration > Fieldsets > Select Type to Edit

Select Fieldset

Step 2. Select Type

Select YES for Restricted

You will note that fieldsets offer this feature for both Groups and Individual Users.

Select Type

Step 3. Select Users and/or Groups

Select Users and Groups you wish to grant access and SAVE your changes.

Select Groups

Step 4. Use these restricted fieldset with the confidence that only selected users or groups are allowed to see this subset of the metadata.

Summary: Contract Guardian offers comprehensive security at multiple levels within the system. Securing by document type and/or fieldset are just two (2) unique capabilities that CG provides. Our Role based security model provides a policy neutral access control mechanism defined around roles and privileges. Typical roles include: Administrator, Contract Manager, Author, Contract Reader, Workflow Initiator, etc. Each role can be assigned at an Account Level, Organization Level and Department Level. CG currently offers approximately 95 separate permissions that can be assigned in any permutation to each role.

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