HCCA Compliance Institute April 7-10 2019

Join Contract Guardian at booth #303 at the HCCA Annual Compliance Institute

Get valuable OIG updates

By Thom Davidson

This year’s Compliance Institute (CI) will feature 15 speakers from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). These government officials will present OIG updates, key strategies, information and tools related to enforcement, and industry-specific findings.

Sessions include:

  • OIG Update
  • OIG Compliance Monitoring: Practitioner Integrity Agreements and Small Business CIAs
  • Fraud and Abuse Laws Somewhere Beyond the OIG: Discussion of Exclusion Checks
  • The State of Exclusions and OIG Enforcement Actions
  • Managed Care Fraud: Enforcement and Compliance
  • Responding to Government Investigations and Compliance Matters

These are just a few of the 160+ unique sessions being offered at the CI.

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