Beyond Healthcare Contract Management with no code applications from Contract Guardian

By Thom Davidson

Contract Guardian offers a no code environment for a countless number of needs without the requirement to purchase another software licenses or go through education on another product. Now you can have applications like Policy & Procedures, Incident Management, Vendor Management, Request for Proposals and certifications using Contract Guardian.

There are a number of common requirements for each of these applications that are fully addressed by Contract Guardian.

Healthcare Contract Management Solutions

• Custom Database - Flexibility is a very important aspect to be considered when analyzing any of your organizational application needs. Contract Guardian delivers with unlimited document types and unlimited custom fields (meta data) as well as custom rules associated for any field created. You can also create as many organizations as you might desire. This can be an excellent way to separate the various applications.

• Application Bookmarks - The ability to create a personal list of items like that you are working on or a policy for quick and easy reference. This is a “time saver” type of feature which allows users to increase their productivity by having their most visited document be accessed in just two clicks. No searching, just click and you are there.

• Dashboard – All of the new applications will be immediately incorporated into the personalized dashboard.

• Access Rights and Security Groups - As every organization and/or departments has its privacy, any organizational application must provide ways to control access to the system itself and to the folders and the documents available in the platform.

• Reports and Dashboards - Being able to see what is ahead is crucial to be able to drive a car unless you have a Tesla. Reports & Dashboards can be considered as the driver’s instruments panel. Features like this, make it easy for system administrators or any personnel related to the management side of the application. For example: A report could provide you information on all certifications that will need to be addressed in the near future or a status report on open incidents in your facilities. Don’t forget, you can create automatic scheduled reports.

• Reminders - A busy and tight schedule is becoming a recurring part of human life and because of that, we depend more and more on new technologies to keep us on track of our duties. To address this issue, a reminder feature is invaluable to any application. Perhaps it is a reminder to all of the vendors responding to your RFP that they have 15 days remaining to submit their proposal or a notification to you that you need to perform a review of a particular policy in the next 30 days.

• Attestation – is of particular value to applications like policy and procedures. Providing proof, or evidence, that every employee in a healthcare facility read and understood all the outstanding policies of its department is an outstanding requirement for any policy.

• Application History - Keeping track of all versions of a policy’s life cycle or perhaps before and after photos from an accident at your facility is very important. Being able to see how a policy evolves over time is the beauty of keeping history. However, it is not the primary reason why policy’s history is important. The real value lies in knowing what were the terms present in a policy at a specific point in time, in case they change over time.

• Workflow – For Example: Writing policies usually is a task for a group of people and requires teamwork and exceptional organizational skills. A policy management system should help to relieve the pressure and assist in meeting the need of having a very detailed editing methodology. By having an editing workflow, the software reduces the risk of human mistakes and speed up the process of creating policies collaboratively. The unlimited routes and unlimited steps in the workflow module provide the ultimate in addressing this requirement.

• Search Documents and Meta Data - Searching is considered critical to any application. This is due to the fact that it is one of the most used feature in any application. Performing fast search and returning accurate results are what brings the biggest value for any healthcare organization. This is where technology comes to your aid, saving precious time and allowing you to do what you do best; instead of wasting time trying to find a specific policy or component of one of your RFPs responses. Our Google like search scans across the meta data as well as the documents and attachments to provide the leading search engine in healthcare.

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