How prepared is your healthcare contract management for 2020?

Here’s some information to consider – the end of 2019, and this decade, is right around the corner. How prepared is your Hospital Contract Management Team to take on the new year? Consider this:

  • Do you know the financial exposure your organization has with expiring and auto-renewal contracts? How does it compare to prior years?
  • Do you know how to analyze security and feature access to your contract management repository? Should access be changed for any of the users?
  • What contracts are delinquent in your workflow process and must be completed by the end of calendar year? What is holding up the process?
  • Have you established your goals for the Key Performance Indicators associated with your contracts? Consider the average number of days for completion by type, delinquency frequency by type, step statistics and performance by individual users.
  • Have you evaluated your workflows for possible improvement in terms of steps, time allocated before delinquency, etc.?

At Contract Guardian, our goal is to continually help you by providing the technology, industry expertise, and partner relationship necessary for healthcare contract management excellence.

Don’t get caught unprepared moving into the new year, and decade. Download the Contract Guardian Checklist for your Year-End Review and start the new calendar year by being proactive towards your goal of contract excellence.

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