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Contract Guardian is much more than just Contract Management!

Contract Guardian can be a pivotal component of your overall client lifecycle management.

"How does Contract Guardian succeed where many products have not?   By precisely managing the process through a set of adjustable business rules which makes the process easier, more dependable, and visible to management on the outcomes of those tasks."

Thom Davidson

Contract Guardian manages your Customer's Life Cycle for products, services, warranties and other business relationships.

Contract Guardian provides extensive features and tools to help systematize your entire contract and document process. Whether you are looking to simply organize and track your contract documents and data, or trying to automate sophisticated workflow processes. Ease of use and adaptability is the reason our clients call Contract Guardian Intuitive Contract Management.

Adding agreements to the system
  • Central repository with structured process to manage contract creation and execution
  • Effectively manage contract milestones via automated alerts
  • Automated workflow for contract review and approvals
  • Obligations management - pointers to improve contract compliance and performance
Nurture clients through automated and targeted email campaigns
  • Structure and automate an email communication strategy
  • Manage process across your organization
  • Align activities to responsibility, role and expertise
  • Eliminate gaps, missed sales opportunities and reduce sales costs
Reengage clients to renew or resell, optimizing timing for maximum sales result
  • A central repository and an enterprise-wide, structured process to manage contract creation and execution
  • The ability to effectively manage contract milestones via automated alerts
  • Automated workflow for contract review and approvals
  • Obligations management - pointers to improve contract compliance and performance
Full text search, reporting & analysis

Contract Guardian enables you to construct a report using criteria from any field in the system. One can search the full text of all documents in the system

Other features in Reports:

  • One-step and advanced filtering on all data fields
  • Page size selection Drag and Drop Layout
  • Export of data to Excel (CSV) and PDF format
  • Save Reports
  • General Contracts - a list of contracts with general contract information such as expiration date, organization, department, contract type, status, responsible and interested parties, etc. (active or expired), contract period, total cost, and vendor.
  • Linked Agreements - Show the relationship of agreements with other agreements
  • Security Profile - A detailing of each user and their security profile and permissions being provided. A great document for compliance

Be more agile!

  • Simplifying the process of entering a contract
  • Reducing the time required to care and feed the contract management system
  • Keeping a "journal" of off all transactions with associated audit stamp of user, data, time and before and after field values
  • Automatically send custom emails communicating the marketing and or contract message throughout the life of the contract
  • Providing alerts to begin renegotiations of renewals prior to contract termination
  • Reporting, at a glance and in real time, to see what contracts are in what stage through extensive reporting functions.
  • Ability to have unlimited standard templates for any agreement, warranty, document, etc.
  • Keep all contracts and critical accompanying documents in one secure central location
  • Create workflows and assign tasks to users based on role, security level, contract value, or other key variables
  • Never lose, forget, or miss critical data
  • Automatically forward necessary information to other parties

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Compliance Requirements

"Compliance is a significant challenge for all enterprises.  Contract Guardian fulfills the needs in an intuitive fashion with immediate and multi-organizational visibility into critical contractual information."
Thom Davidson

Did you know?

Contract Guardian offers a feature to autofill / generate your contract and other documents like quotes, renewal letters, etc.  AutoFill

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