Select the Perfect Contract Management Solution for your Needs

Regardless of your industry, Contract Guardian offers a perfect solution for your contract management software needs. Our comprehensive, hosted Contract Management System is incredibly intuitive and sports a full suite of features and capabilities to manage your contracts. However, you might still need to make the decision of using a hosted contract management solution vs. on-premise. Fortunately, Contract Guardian offers both. What is best for you is up to you! Simply review the deployment options to learn more:

Contract management for multiple industries

On-Premise Deployment of Contract Management

On-Premise deployment of Contract Management Software

  • Do you require complete access to all Contract Guardian features and functionality with no limitations?
  • Do you have in-house IT resources to manage your Contract Management solution? Do you need advanced customization and integration capabilities beyond the integration APIs provided in Contract Guardian?
  • Do you require control of your data on your own site?
  • Are you willing to make the capital expenditure up front to ultimately lower the total cost over time?
  • Are you willing to provide the infrastructure and dedicated systems?
  • Do security, disaster recovery and backup need to be standardized for your organization?
  • Can you live with a more extended implementation timeframe?
  • Do you wish to control when upgrades are delivered?

Cloud Deployment of Contract Management

Cloud Deployment of Contract Management Software

  • Do you require on-demand access to your contract management system?
  • Do you prefer Contract Guardian address all of your deployment and hosting requirements?
  • Do you desire automatic updates and upgrades to the latest version of Contract Guardian?
  • Is having a green credential important to your organization? Cloud deployment leverages vast data centers.
  • Do you prefer to move from capital expenditure to operational expenditure?
  • Would you like to access your contract system from anywhere and anytime? On-premise might be restricted to a facility or a virtual private network.
  • Do you wish to have new features available as soon as possible?

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Cloud - Hosted - SaaS

What is the difference between Cloud, Hosted and SaaS Contract Management?

Contract Management Software ComparisonGenerally speaking, there is no difference. It is simply a preference of terminology. Hosted implies that someone is managing the entire process for you. SaaS is a acronym for Software as a Service. Cloud in the simplest of terms is simply storing an accessing your data and programs of the Internet instead of your internal servers or PC. All of the definitions are applicable to Contract Guardian.

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