Select the Perfect Contract Management Solution for your Needs

Regardless of your industry, Contract Guardian offers a perfect solution for your contract management software needs. Our comprehensive, hosted Contract Management System is incredibly intuitive and sports a full suite of features and capabilities to manage your contracts. However, you might still need to make the decision of using a hosted contract management solution vs. on-premise. Fortunately, Contract Guardian offers both. What is best for you is up to you! Simply review the deployment options to learn more:

Contract management for multiple industries

On-Premise Deployment of Contract Management

On-Premise deployment of Contract Management Software

  • Do you require complete access to all Contract Guardian features and functionality with no limitations?
  • Do you have in-house IT resources to manage your Contract Management solution? Do you need advanced customization and integration capabilities beyond the integration APIs provided in Contract Guardian?
  • Do you require control of your data on your own site?
  • Are you willing to make the capital expenditure up front to ultimately lower the total cost over time?
  • Are you willing to provide the infrastructure and dedicated systems?
  • Do security, disaster recovery and backup need to be standardized for your organization?
  • Can you live with a more extended implementation timeframe?
  • Do you wish to control when upgrades are delivered?

Cloud Deployment of Contract Management

Cloud Deployment of Contract Management Software

  • Do you require on-demand access to your contract management system?
  • Do you prefer Contract Guardian address all of your deployment and hosting requirements?
  • Do you desire automatic updates and upgrades to the latest version of Contract Guardian?
  • Is having a green credential important to your organization? Cloud deployment leverages vast data centers.
  • Do you prefer to move from capital expenditure to operational expenditure?
  • Would you like to access your contract system from anywhere and anytime? On-premise might be restricted to a facility or a virtual private network.
  • Do you wish to have new features available as soon as possible?