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Contract Guardian Contract Management Helps You Address Compliance Regulations. The recent increase in government and industry specific regulations surrounding the privacy, accessibility, and retention of information are creating new challenges for healthcare and other industry contract management. Contract Guardian is intimately familiar with these challenges. Contract Guardian gives organizations confidence that their contract management information is securely stored for as long as necessary, yet quickly accessible when needed.

Contract Guadrian Compliance
Healthcare Contract Management

Contract Guardian recognizes that Covered Entities - Health Care Providers, Payers and Clearinghouses - must make every reasonable effort to be HIPAA-compliant with regards to the Privacy and Security of Protected Health Information (PHI).  Covered Entities must have appropriate safeguards that address the administrative, technical and physical components of privacy.  Many of the safeguards for Security will be the same or similar to those that a Covered Entity implements to comply with the privacy standards.  Learn more about healthcare contract management.

Healthcare Contract Management

Under the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, a HIPAA business associate agreement (BAA) is a contract between a HIPAA-covered entity and a HIPAA business associate (BA).  The contract protects personal health information (PHI) in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.

A HIPAA BAA is available from Contract Guardian with our Enterprise Edition.

Healthcre Contract Management

Any financial arrangement between a hospital and a physician or a family member triggers Stark.  It doesn't matter what the arrangement is with the physician or what the referral is because any financial agreement, whether it's new or old, will trigger a Stark question when that physician makes a referral.  Learn more about healthcare contract management and stark law by selecting the box below.

Stark Law & Healthcare Contract Management
Healthcare Contract Management

Contract Guardian offers the flexibility to manage much more than just contracts! Policy and Procedures is a good example. Other processes that we see frequently managed by clients include: Incident Reporting, Human Resources, Certification Management, Equipment Warranties and Corporate Integrity Agreements to name a few.

Policy & Procedure
Hosted Contract Management

SSAE 16 (Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 16) is the next generation of AICPA standards for reporting on controls at service organizations (including data centers) in the United States. SSAE 16 goes beyond SAS 70 by requiring the auditor to obtain a written assertion from management regarding the design and operating effectiveness of the controls being reviewed. SSAE 16 also provides better alignment with the international audit standard ISAE 3402.

SSAE 16 Contract Compliance
Contract Management Audit Journal

Contract Guardian assures you that you can record, search, report and be notified on any task/activity related to the management of your contracts.

The journal of your contract management system activities allows you several views:

  • All Contract Journal items
  • Only Contract Updates
  • Emails (Alerts, Contract Notifications, etc.)
  • Workflow steps for Contracts
  • Contract Task Assignments
  • Manually Generated Items
Contract Audit Journal
Healthcare Contract Management Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication also known as 2FA or 2-Step Verification is an authentication method that requires two components, such as a pin/password + a token.

Contract Guardian eliminates the potential for unauthorized access by integrating 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication).  Both primary password and user's mobile phone are needed to properly authenticate and get access.  Clients have two options for receiving the appropriate authorization codes.

Major companies that offer two-factor authentication as part of their product include Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook and of course Contract Guardian.

Safe Harbo Data Compliance

EU Safe Harbor the European Commission's Directive on Data Protection that went into effect in October 1998 and prohibits the transfer of personal data to non-European Union countries that do not meet the European Union (EU) "adequacy" standard for privacy protection. While the United States and the EU share the goal of enhancing privacy protection for their citizens, the United States takes a different approach to privacy from that taken by the EU.

EU Safe Harbor for Contract Management
Healthcare Contract Management

E-Verify compares information from an employee's Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 to data from U.S. government records.  If the information matches, that employee is eligible to work in the United States.

Although E-Verify is voluntary for most employers, it is required for federal contractors who have the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR clause in their contract, as well as employers who are in one of the 25 states with enacted legislation requiring the use (or some use) of E-Verify.

Contract Guardian E-Verifies all new employees.

Secutities and Exchange Commission

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) have instituted regulations that demand compliance surrounding the storage of financial records and electronic communications.

SEC | NASD Compliance
Sabarnes Oxley Heakthcare Compliance

The Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act of 2002 legislates how long and the manner in which companies store their financial records. Created largely in response to the Enron and WorldCom scandals, SOX is designed to safeguard against accounting errors and other illegal financial activities. SOX specifically states that electronic records and messages (email/IM) must be saved for at least five years to ensure that auditors and other regulators can easily obtain requested documents.

&SOX - Contract Management
Contract Management Compliance

In 1999, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) was put into effect to protect consumer's financial private information. GLBA updated the practice and policies for individual consumers to control the use of their private information as well as the requirement to secure and protect such data from unauthorized use or access.

Healthcare Contract Management

Many healthcare organizations must comply with a Corporate Integrity Agreement.  This document outlines the obligations an entity agrees to as part of a civil settlement.  Learn more about healthcare contract management and Corporate Integrity Agreements by selecting the box below.

Corporate Integrity Agreement