Configure the system to match your needs for today and change it tomorrow

Our team provides you a complete inventory of standards to get you started quickly.  Once you signup for our Contract Management System, you have a complete team poised to support you at every stage.

Highly Configurable

Software companies often use the expression configuration and customization undifferentiated.  This can be misleading to the non-technical person making a software decision. Contract Guardian views the terms differently.  When we describe Contract Guardian as being highly configurable, we mean that your organizations can configure Contract Guardian to address your unique needs and business requirements at numerous levels without the need for custom development.

 Contract Management Configuration Options

 Contract Types  Contract Status Levels
 Party Types  Contract Attachment Types
 Fields  Default and Selectable Values for Fields
 Field Sets  Security for Field Sets and Fields
 Contract Task Types  Custom Fields
 Dashboard Options  Dashboard Personalized Layout
 Standard Documents  Logo Personalization
 Contract Email Alerts  System Notifications
 Workflow Routes  Workflow Step Templates
 Contract Permission Roles  Groups
 Organizations  Departments
 Autoreviewer Phrases  Reports
 DocuSign Integration  Contract Rapid Scan
 Policy Management  Vendor Management
 Core Field Definitions  Generator Templates
 Risk Engine Phrases  Cash Projections

"Since configuration and customizations are typically collaborative, we also offer a full range of consulting, development and customization services to our customers.  Our healthcare contract management clients often have special needs as it relates to workflow, defining contract types and the creation of custom fields"
Contract Management Services Team