Ensure security and flexibility through robust role-based access controls

Contract Guardian allows the creation of unlimited contract management roles, departments, groups and even organizations.

A role can be given a series of permissions like add contract, change contract, etc. A group can have one or more roles. A user can be a member of one or more groups. Therefore, a user gains the permissions based on the groups that they are a member.

Roles can be created and managed by grouping together access privileges and administrative capabilities that meet the access needs of users in a group. Often, roles are based on job responsibilities.  When a contract manager, for example, signs on as a new user, the person is assigned the appropriate role that automatically allows access to all of the designation services needed to perform the job. It is an easy, efficient way to set access privileges for users.  It also provides an efficient mechanism for altering access privileges for common groups of users in the future.

The following are suggestions for your contract management role permissions and names. The contract role descriptions shown below are just examples.  You can create an infinite number or roles and associated permission to match your organizations needs and naming conventions.

Role Examples

  • Administrator
  • Contract Manager
  • Contract Author
  • Contract Reader

 Contract Management Roles
Role-Based Permissions for Contract Management

Contract Management Role Relationship Illustration

  • User 1 is a member of Group 1 & 2.
  • Users 2 & 3 are members of Group 1 and have permissions 1-6.
  • One can establish a group that crosses all or some of your organizations and define access/security with one assignment of a user to a group.
  • Over 80 Separate permissions (and growing) are available with infinite combinations for groups and roles. New permissions can be generated upon request.

User Access Audit Reporting

A complete detailing of permissions and access is available directly from the User Profile. In addition, one can perform filters from the Contracts Grid queries and generate Reports to identify the specific documents (contracts).

User Permissions