Easy Customization with Unlimited Contract Types and Custom Fields

"It all starts with being able to define as many unique fields as you desire for any contract / document type you desire."

Contract Guardian Service Team

Create Custom Fields

Field Types

Contract Guardian delivers a comprehensive list of user defined fields. This enables you to customize existing contract types or create your own.

Drag and Drop Layout and Display: You can simply drag and drop the sequence of the fields as you would wish them to appear on your screen for your contract information. If you don't like the look, just edit or sequence and it will automatically change the screen appearance.

Auto Increment Check box Currency Date
Email MultiPicker - dropdown Numeric Paragraph
Phone Number Single Picker - dropdown Text URL - web address

The system allows the creation of unlimited user defined fields.   Contract Management Systems vary dramatically in this offering.   Some system don't provide the option and others are basically limited to simple text fields. Each custom field defined has some common features:

  • Field Name - A unique identifier
  • Caption - Description that will appear on the screen, reports and other user interfaces
  • Active - If active and selected it can be used and will be displayed. Otherwise, it is simply defined and not yet selectable for use.
  • Required - This will force entry and validation prior to the entry of a record.
  • Default Values - Save some time by selecting the most common default value for each field.
  • Value Options - This is most common for a drop down selection.

Unlimited Contract, Document, Form and Checklists Types

 Sample List of Contract Types

Contract Guardian enables you to create an unlimited number of types.   One can establish the visual look, default values, required fields, workflows and more.

  • Give it a contract or document name that matches your naming conventions
  • Select the fields and field sets you want as part of the Contract Type
  • Drag and Drop the sequence as you wish it to appear on the screen
  • Configure system field options like required, etc.
  • Email Report - Simply click on the icon and you can email the complete contract management report
Employment General Service Promissory Note Physician Agreement
Non-compete Nondisclosure Business Associate Warranty
Merger Software License Letter of Intent Reseller
Equipment Lease Property Rental Intellectual Property Business Separation