Data Conversion for Contracts & Supporting Information

Healthcare contract management data conversion

"The conversion of data into a new system can be quite daunting. The most common source of the raw information is typically in a variety of common formats."

Contract Guardian Conversion Team

  • Existing contract management system
  • Excel Spreadsheets with file shares for the actual documents/agreements
  • File Cabinets and Access Databases
  • SharePoint

Contract Guardian Does the Heavy Lifting!

Our Contract Guardian Service Group does not just do the basics. For example: We recently converted a hospital from another healthcare contract management offering to Contract Guardian. Data conversion for this hospital included the following:

  • Contracts
  • Contract Type
  • User Defined Fields (custom)
  • Departments
  • Linking Contracts to Departments
  • User Definitions
  • User Roles
  • Users to Departments
  • Users to Dept. Orgs
  • Other Parties
  • Responsible Parties
  • Attachments Types
  • Attachments

Contact and Support

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Contract Management - Continuous Innovation

Continuous Innovation Without the Upgrade Hassle!  Contract Guardian continuously adds functionality to Contract Guardian Apps, making employees more productive - without the need for system updates, patches, or downtime.  Contract Guardian Apps delivered over 200 Improvements in each of the last three (3) years, at no additional charge and without the complexity associated with traditional software upgrades.

Contract Management Services