Data Conversion for Contracts & Supporting Information

Healthcare contract management data conversion

"The conversion of data into a new system can be quite daunting. The most common source of the raw information is typically in a variety of common formats."
Contract Guardian Conversion Team
  • Existing contract management system
  • Excel Spreadsheets with file shares for the actual documents/agreements
  • File Cabinets and Access Databases
  • SharePoint

Contract Guardian Does the Heavy Lifting!

Our Contract Guardian Service Group does not just do the basics. For example: We recently converted a hospital from another healthcare contract management offering to Contract Guardian. Data conversion for this hospital included the following:

  • Contracts
  • Contract Type
  • User Defined Fields (custom)
  • Departments
  • Linking Contracts to Departments
  • User Definitions
  • User Roles
  • Users to Departments
  • Users to Dept. Orgs
  • Other Parties
  • Responsible Parties
  • Attachments Types
  • Attachments
Contract Guardian Conversion