Contract Guardian Dashboard

Fully Configurable and Personalized Dashboard

Healthcare contract management and other industries must be aware of their contract repository status at all times and all phases. Contract Guardian offers transparency and control over the information associated with your contracts by delivering a fully configurable and personalized dashboard.   You can reveal insights and hidden correlations within your system as well as staying on top of workflows, important tasks and other selectable visualization of your data and documents.

  • All representations are based on individual security and permissions
  • Each user can select what components they wish to use and how they would like to have them arranged
  • Coverflow of items is always presented first so that you are on top of any item that requires your attention
  • Like other components of Contract Guardian, it is fully mobile and will work with your smartphones, tablets, touchscreens, etc.
  • Publish a dashboard with a few clicks to view it live on the web

Contract Management Dashboard

 Sample Inventory of Dashboard Components

 Internal Contract Management Announcements - Share internal contract management news and policies  Contract Guardian Application Updates - Updates for Contract Guardian are automatically posted
 Grid of Your Personal Favorite Contracts - Why search or browse contracts when you can just click  Grid of Expiring Contracts - Highest priority of contracts demanding attention is at the top of the grid
 Recently Viewed Contracts Feed - Logic dictates that you will probably be visiting the contracts you most recently viewed  Personalized Audit Journal of Recent Changes - All data presented is based on your personal security roles for contract management
 Graph of upcoming Expiration (6 month view) - A window into the future of upcoming contracts that will be expiring  Workflow Status - It is critical in Healthcare Contract Management as well as other industries to stay in compliance with your processes and on top of the status.
 Bar Graphs, Pie Charts, Gauges and other visualizations of your contracts - Additional contract management visualization tools are available...just ask  Adding new items every day.  - Check the updated inventory or call with a request

 Contract Dashboard Configuration

Configure Contract Dashboard  Access the dashboard components configuration by clicking on the gear in the upper right hand of any screen and select Configure Dashboard
Activate Contract Dashboard Component  Click active and define any parameters that might be requested to have the component immediately added to your personal contract dashboard.
Contract Dashboard Component Positioning  A User can decide where to position a component by clicking on the small gear icon in the upper left hand corner of each component.  A navigation box will appear to allow you to move a component up/down or left/right.