Contract Guardian is integrated with our partner DocuSign's Electronic Signature

Contract Guardian Electronic Signature Routing

Contract Guardian Integrates with DocuSign Electronic Signature to provide Document Routing

In the Recipients and Routing section you select the Contract Guardian Responsible Parties, Interested Parties and Other Parties that will be included in the signature flow process. The routing order sets the order in which recipients receive and can act on documents in the envelope. Recipients with the same routing order receive and can act on envelopes at the same time (in parallel), while recipients with different routing orders receive and act on envelopes in sequential order.

You can add any number of signers or other recipients and set the order so you can involve all the right people at the right time. View your routing order at a glance with the Order Diagram. Simply drag and drop to change the order and add recipient actions. You can adjust the order via the drag-n-drop interface.

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