No Need to Waste Time Loading Documents One at a Time

 Imagine adding multiple attachments to your Contract Repository by simply selecting multiple items and dragging them into your contract repository.  Contract Guardian does exactly that and can save an incredible amount of time by streamlining this process.

What is Drag and Drop?

Drag and drop refers to data transfers in which a mouse or other pointing device is used to specify both the data source and its destination.  In a typical drag and drop operation, a user selects the object(s) to be transferred by moving the mouse pointer to it and holding down either the left button or some other button designated for this purpose.  While continuing to hold down the button, the user initiates the transfer by dragging the object(s) to its destination.

contract management drag and drop

Contract Management Drag and Drop Sources

 Select one or more files to be added to the Contract Guardian repository.

  1. Local PC and Network 
  2. Outlook - Microsoft does not provide this capability natively,  However, Contract Guardian can let you pull documents from Outlook and add them to Contract Guardian via a small plug-in.
  3. Google Drive - This is especially nice if using the Google Drive option on your PC.
  4. Dropbox Folder - This is similar to the Google Drive and will allow you to drag and drop as well.

Contract Management Drag and Drop

Typical Contract Management Attachments

 Contract Guardian supports just about any object that you can access.  Below is a list of the common types of attachments that clients load with the drag and drop feature.

  1. Contract - Every time you load a contract or another attachment the system will automatically manager version control.
  2. Correspondence - In addition, one can use the notes and collaboration features in the Workflow module for correspondence.
  3. Certificate of Insurance- Add as an attachment or a separate agreement.
  4. Business Associate Agreement
  5. Non Disclosure Agreement
  6. Price Lists
  7. Photos

Drag and Drop in other areas of Contract Management

 Contract Guardian leverages this technology in several areas of the contract management system.

  • Creating custom fields and fieldsets or various contract types utilizes drag and drop to easily control the view and sequence of various contract types.
  • Workflow steps can easily be rearranged in the workflow module.
  • Select the signature sequence in electronic signature and arrange according to the sequence you wish to route the signature process.