Intuitive Contract Management

Colleges, Universities and other Education Institutions Contract Management

Colleges, Universities and other education institutions must address numerous challenges with their contract management.  Contract Guardian simplifies and automates the entire contract lifecycle management process for education.

Contract Guardian contract management software is cloud based or on-premise contract lifecycle management and compliance solution that helps institutions of higher learning manage the entire contract process including contract requests, approvals, redlines, electronic signatures, workflow, unlimited attachments, milestones, notifications, reporting and the fastest global search in the industry.

Tired of digging through file cabinets and emailing different departments to get the contract information you need?  Using Contract Guardian, you can find it in seconds with just a few keystrokes.

Education Contract Management Best Practices

Take a Contract Lifecycle Management Approach This can lead to significant improvements in terms of time, money, compliance and efficiency for a Educational Institutions.

  • Avoid litigation and suspicion of contract non-compliance.
  • Dollars and Sense - missed opportunities, automatically renewing contracts without renegotiation, late fees, etc.
  • Reduction in time and cost of administration.
  • Automatic journaling of every activity with the ability to search and report. Fully identifies acting party, data and time as well as before and after values.

Standardize Your Contract Management Process A workflow system can typically accommodate an unlimited number of processes and steps to address any situation.  In addition to standardizing your process and automating the flow, you will be able to readily identify the status of the contract as it moves through the system.  You will also be able to prove that you adhere to the process being defined.

Leverage Role Based Security to Mirror Your Organizational Requirements Role based security will allow you to readily identify the users, access and permissions associated with each person. Review a user permissions with one quick inquiry. Unlimited organizations, groups, users, departments, etc. . Enables you to control access at a global level while still being able to be very granular in your permissions.