Contract Management Software Email Alerts and Milestone Management

Healthcare Contract Management Alerts and Milestones

"Contract Guardian features an easy to use and incredibly commanding contract management software module for Email Alerts and Milestone Management.   Alerts are setup by contract type once and then everything happens automatically going forward whenever you create a new agreement that has that type."

Contract Guardian Implementation Team

Key to understanding is the recognition that you can trigger an alert or milestone notification by linking it to an event for any date. Alert examples might include:

 Alert Examples

 Contract is going to expire in 90 days  Contract has expired
 Invoice is ready for payment  Hospital annual audit for certain agreement types
 Vendor evaluation  Project milestone review

The email body is created with a rich text editor. You can also merge any of the fields in the system including your user-defined fields directly into the email.  Contract Guardian simplifies the content of the email by giving you the option to include:

 Contract Content Inclusion Options

 Title  Status
 Auto renew  Group name in footer
 Attach primary document (Yes, you can include the actual contract if you desire)  Attach additional documents Clients often include marketing literature, survey documents, etc.

The touch of a toggle switch will help you define your distribution list.

  • Send email to responsible parties
  • Send email to interested parties
  • Send email to evaluator
  • Send email to group members
  • Send email to other parties
"Once a notification is created, you are done.  Contract Guardian will take over and deliver all of the notifications automatically for any future contract type.  If you want, you can copy an existing notice and edit/save as a new type of notification."
Contract Guardian Support Team

Every notification is tracked for a contract. The contract journal provides a comprehensive history with the ability to filter, search and export.

 Contract Journal Logging

 Manual Entries  Email Alerts - Every notification is tracked for a contract
 Workflow - All activities, emails and responses are recorded  Tasks - all tasks assigned are logged during creation and upon completion.
 Manual - any manual comments are tracked  Value change of any field - before and after value, time stamp and user