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“We have implemented Contract Guardian’s Workflow process organizationally and am pleased to report its initial success! With Contract Guardian’s application and individualized training, we are truly transforming how we manage our documents and workflow processes.”

- SH, VP Compliance

“I have to say that I am a huge fan of Contract Guardian. It has made a big difference in my new role as a financial analyst. I use it every day to confirm if vendors are billing according to our agreements, and have found in many cases that they aren’t and have been able to have them correct invoices and recoup funds”

- KS, Financial Analyst

“I have worked with both and Meditract is not even in the same league as Contract Guardian.”

- RS, Supply Services Director

“We chose Contract Guardian because the system seemed intuitive, easy to use, and capable of being configured in a way that best suited our needs. We have not been disappointed! We have gone from a paper-based system that constantly frustrated our users to Contract Guardian’s 100% online system, which our users absolutely love. It is rare to find something that pleases all of the people all of the time, but Contract Guardian comes close! The system and the team have been a joy to work with. The training and support we received during our implementation and beyond made for the best onboarding experience I have ever had. In short, we could not be happier with Contract Guardian.”

- CS, VP Legal Services & General Counsel

“I thank our Contract Guardian colleagues for working alongside our regional project leads and for collaboration with the responsible attorneys in the Legal department, to help get us to this point. Contract Guardian is a great partner, and we appreciate your professionalism and goal orientation.”

- JF, Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel

“Things are going very well. We really appreciate and enjoy working with the CG Professional Services team. They are so responsive, explain things clearly in a way we can understand, and are a pleasure to work with. We think of them as key active participants in our team.”

- JGP, Senior Associate General Counsel

“No issues so far, the system is great. The CG Professional Services team has been extremely helpful in assisting with my questions post-migration. They are a huge asset!”

- JE, Paralegal

“One of our first objectives was to confirm that the system would fully address our Corporate Integrity Agreement and manage physician contracts with Contract Guardian. We narrowed our list down to the leading vendors in the industry and spent many months reviewing their offering and confirming their ability to deliver. If the evaluation period seems a little long, you are correct. We were disappointed in the past by another system and we wanted to be absolutely sure that we were making the correct decision.”

- PW, Compliance Office & Contract Administrator