Time to Change!

Contract management software deployments and implementations can vary in complexity based on your organization's needs, as well as the decision to deploy via the cloud or on-premise. Below is an example of a cloud deployment for Healthcare Contract Management.

Contract Timeline
  • Contract Timeline Day 1

    Project Kickoff Meeting

    At the start of our contract management deployments and implementations is our kickoff meeting.   One of our implementation specialists is assigned to address all client/project issues until completion.

  • Contract Timeline Day 3

    Define Organization

    Many healthcare clients have a relatively complex organizational structure. Contract Guardian can address even the most complex environment.  The contract implementation team will meet with the hospitals contract management owner to define your organization to match your business structure.  The definition is flexible and can be changed over time.  This includes unlimited organizations, departments and users.

  • Contract Timeline Day 5

    Roles and Responsibilities

    Contract management access and permissions are managed via role based security.  On average, healthcare contract management deployment will define eight to ten roles.   The roles simplify the management of the users for the hospital.  If needed, the Contract Guardian supports unlimited roles. The hospital compliance officer frequently participates in this phase.

  • Contract Timeline Week 3

    Data Conversion

    This is often the longest phase of the contract management implementation timeline. Hospitals have used a number of approaches to address their contract management requirements. Contract Guardian has migrated data and system from spreadsheets, internal databases, document repositories and healthcare contract management specific systems. Contract Guardian offers several approaches for bringing your existing data into Contract Guardian.  Our contract data conversion and import services are tested and the results are ultimately approved by each client.

    Contract Conversion

  • Contract Timeline Week 4

    System Configuration

    Our specialist will provided best practices guidance to properly configure Contract Guardian to address your requirements.  Examples: Contract Types, Custom Fields, Email alerts and notifications, Workflow routes and steps, Contract electronic signature.

    System Configuration
  • Contract Timeline Week 5

    Administrator Training

    Training is provided both on-site and remote.  Many clients prefer the remote since it provides great flexibility for scheduling.  In addition, the training sessions can be recorded and provided for those that are unable to attend or simply wish to review.  Hospital employees attending the administrator training will receive a complete understanding of all aspects of the healthcare contract management system. Fortunately, the system is very intuitive!

  • Contract Timeline Mid-Week 5

    End User & Go Live

    Surprisingly, this is a relatively easy phase.   All aspects of the healthcare contract management system have been defined, data converted, business rules established and now the end users attend a relatively brief training session and they are operational.  Contract Guardian support staff are available for any questions or assistance. Some hospitals select a staged roll-out by location and or departments.