Contract Management Software and Industries Served

Contract Guardian first users were in the Medical and Healthcare fields. Since then, it has been adopted by a variety of industries. The flexibility and end user customization gives Contract Guardian the latitude to work with just about any type of organization and agreement.

Contract Guardian is a powerful solution that can quickly be implemented to bring immediate visibility to your business commitments and turn static data into actionable content. The common theme for each industry is dramatic improvement in how they interplay/connect with their customers, employees, vendors, leases and warranties. With affordable monthly pricing with our Hosted contract management, you can see a return on investment in the first month. See how others are utilizing the power of Contract Guardian to increase efficiency and drive productivity.

Contract management for multiple industries


The healthcare industry is full of regulatory compliance and strict guidelines regarding privacy and security. You have your patient data and billing under control, but what about all the other operations of the hospital or offices?

 Healthcare Contract Management


Technology companies need flexible and scalable contract management tools to meet their ever-evolving needs. Implementation has to be quick and easy. You want security, agility, and innovation from your software. Rigid, expensive systems won't do.


The world of finance demands secure, flexible and scalable software solutions. Whether you are an alternative asset management fund in need of a vendor management solution or a traditional financial institution implementing a compliance solution, Contract Guardian addresses your contract management needs.


Federal, state, and local government agencies face large, complex organizational challenges that require innovative software solutions. A contract management solution must be flexible, scalable, easy-to-use and affordable.


Across many industries, legal departments have demanding needs from a contract management solution. Legal teams need a flexible, scalable, and affordable solution to satisfy their sophisticated requirements. The same is true for Law Firms.

Higher Education

Colleges, Universities and other education institutions must address numerous challenges with their contract management. Contract Guardian simplifies and automates the entire contract lifecycle management process for education.

 Education Contract Mgmt.

Other Industries

This includes Insurance, Manufacturing, Service Based Companies, Transportation, Construction, Distribution and Energy.