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"For over thirty years UCG Technologies has helped its clients increase revenue, profits and competitiveness by providing practical, measurable information technology (IT) solutions. Our accounting firm heritage and thousands of successful IT projects mean we understand both business requirements and IS capabilities. We are absolutely passionate about our Contract Management Services and look forward to the opportunity to service our clients. "

Thom Davidson

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When they are not busy working with clients, John Reuter and Thom Davidson have found the time to share some of their experience and expertise with contract management software.

  •  Collaboration and Visibility with Enterprise Contract Management. - by Thom Davidson
  •  Actively Track and Manage Contract Obligations. - by Thom Davidson
  •  How do You Manage your Business Agreements? - by Thom Davidson
  •  Retain Institutional Knowledge with Contract Management Software - by Thom Davidson
  •  Contract Guardian Delivers Instant Search and Report - by Thom Davidson
  •  Joint Commission Hospital Accreditation Audit Assistance by John Reuter
Healthcare Contract Management

Below is an inventory of product brochures and datasheets related to Contract Guardian Contract Management Software and Services.

  • Contract Guardian Overview 2018  
  • Contract Guardian Security  
  • Contract Guardian Services  
  • Compliance for Healthcare Organizations  
  • Contract Management Roles (Sample)  
  • Contract Guardian Stark Law  
  • +Firm (Legal Software) Brochure 
  • Legality of Electronic Signatures 
  • DocuSign & Contract Guardian Overview 
Healthcare Contract Management Software

Why selected blog posts? The Internet provides almost unlimited ways to search, view, watch, read and experience content. The Social Media team thought that we should share our contract management blog posts directly on our web site in a PDF format. So, we selected our favorites and here they are for your reference. The Contract Guardian Blog is always available as well.

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Contract Management Software

Contract Guardian develop strategic partnerships with best in class providers. Our contract management partners include:

  • DocuSign - the proven market leader in on-demand electronic signature  
  • UCG Technologies - Premier Business Continuity Provider  
  • Peak 10 - Their people have a foundation and expertise in IT infrastructure and data centers  
  • Microsoft - Contract Guardian has developed a strong relationship with the Microsoft Corporation. Our customers and business partners view Microsoft technology as a key component of our solutions  

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Healthcare Contract Management

 Reduce healthcare procurement and IT costs, improve the management of payer agreements, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Highlighted Features

  • Unlimited Users, Organizations, etc.
  • Fastest Search in the Industry
  • Graphical Workflow
  • Autoreviewer - Risk Engine
  • Custom Fields
  • Electronic Signature
  • Highly Configurable

Where are my Contracts Stored?

Contract Guardian stores your encrypted data in secured data centers.   In addition to normal backups, all of the contracts in Contract Guardian are vaulted at a second and third data center.

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UCG Technologies solutions focus on delivering competitive advantage and business flexibility. Our clients demand sophisticated, global business applications and services with low cost of ownership.

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