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Contract Guardian Contract management is under continuous development

Contract Guardian is under continuous development.  Our contract management clients drive our development process. This is combined with our extensive development experience to continuously enhance Contract Guardian. Here are some additional contract management features you might wish to peruse:

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contract lifecycle management

Contract Guardian is a Complete Lifecycle and Contract Management System. Learn how it can help manage your business, clients and contracts.

  • Nurture clients for new opportunities
  • Manage their agreement
  • Service your client
  • Manage the complete client lifecycle
 Client Lifecycle

With Contract Guardian, you have one-click-contracts (fully merged data),online collaboration including conversations with the vendor and of course complete support for redlines and version control as well as electronic signature.

 Contract Collaboration

Contract Guardian offers transparency and control over the information associated with your contracts by delivering a fully configurable and personalized dashboard.

Users can define and select the components and sequence they prefer.

 Contract Management Dashboard
Healthcare Contract Management User Roles

Contract Guardian allows the creation of unlimited contract management roles, groups and even organizations.

A role can be given a series of permissions like add contract, change contract, etc. A group can have one or more roles. A user can be a member of one or more groups. Therefore, a user gains the permissions based on the groups that they are a member.

 Contract Management Roles
Hosted Contract Management Electronic Signature

Now you can quickly and easily sign and route your documents electronically.

 Electronic Signature |  Contract Routing
Drag and Drop documents in contract management

Imagine adding multiple attachments to your Contract Repository by simply selecting multiple items and dragging them into your contract repository.

 Drag and Drop
Industries served by Contract Management Software

Contract Guardian is a powerful solution that can quickly be implemented to bring immediate visibility to your business commitments and turn static data into actionable content. The common theme for each industry is dramatic improvement in how they interplay/connect with their customers, employees, vendors, leases and warranties. With affordable monthly pricing with our hosted contract management, you can see a return on investment in the first month.

  • Medical and Healthcare (Hospitals)
  • Finance (Banks, Credit Unions)
  • Government (Local, County, State, and Governmental Type Agencies
  • Technology (Software Firms, Managed Services, etc.)
  • Legal (Law Firms, Corporate Legal Departments and Risk Officers)
  • Higher Education (Colleges, Universities and other education institutions)
  • Other applicable industries (Manufacturing, Distribution, etc.)
 Contract Management Industries
Mobile Healthcare Contract Management

With Mobile Layout, Contract Guardian provides users with the ability to view and perform functions via their Smartphone and tablets. Instantly receive Alerts, Messages, Tasks and manage Documents and review Contracts wherever you are. Mobile access delivers a whole new way to look at your contracts, giving users the ability to immediately obtain critical Information from any location worldwide.

No additional charge!

 Contract Management Mobility
Contract management editing

Consolidate editing process by selecting the records and fields that one wishes to edit. Business rules and validations are enforced with the ease of a spreadsheet like interface.

  • Advanced filtering on all data fields
  • Configurable views
  • Sorting on any column
  • Drag and drop layout
  • Access to complete contract layout
 Power Grid
Contract Management Software Search and Report

Tired of digging through file cabinets and emailing different departments to get the contract information you need? Using Contract Guardian, you can find it in seconds with just a few keystrokes.

Contract Guardian assures you that you can record, search, report and be notified on any task/activity related to the management of your contracts.

 Contract Search and Report