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Over the past 12 years, Contract Guardian has transitioned many hospitals and health systems from MediTract to Contract Guardian. In fact, our first client was a former MediTract client. They have now been a client of Contract Guardian for over 12 years.

Contract Guardian has the solution, expertise, and experience to successfully migrate your data, processes, and users. This is done in an efficient and standardized manner in order to minimize disruption and cost. The end result is a much better resource for contract management at a much better cost. We look forward to working with you!

Why organizations are moving away from MediTract

Why organizations are moving to Contract Guardian

  • Healthcare Expertise
  • Complete Feature Set
  • Intuitive
  • Reasonable Contract Duration
  • Own Your Own Data
  • Affordable
  • Custom Development Team
  • Multiple Industry Experience
  • Fastest Search in the Industry
Healthcare Contact Meditract Alternative

Simply a better way to manage contracts and documents.

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