Don't let implementation slow you down!

Your team is busy. A time-intensive project is not what your organization needs to improve contract management efficiency. A well executed implementation simplifies contract organization and processes without adding complexity. Contract Guardian follows the healthcare-specific Onboarding & Implementation approach below. Standardized to make the process efficient, customized to make the adoption simple.

Contract Timeline
  • Contract Timeline Step 1

    Account Setup

    • Create Account & Configure
  • Contract Timeline Step 2

    Project Kick-off Meeting - Planning:

    • Identify Team Members
    • Terminology Review
    • Review Application Features and Security Model
    • Discuss Client’s Environment & Training Plan
    • Identify Backfiling Needs
    • Examine Data Source and moving Backfiling Information
  • Contract Timeline Step 3

    Subject Matter Expert (SME) Training #1 - Define / Configure:

    • Roles / Permissions
    • Administrative Users
    • Standard Users
  • Contract Timeline Step 4

    Subject Matter Expert (SME) Training #2 - Define / Configure:

    • Navigation Preferences, Dashboard, System Logistics
    • Organizational Structure (Account, Organization, Department, Groups)
    • Table Setup – various dropdown controls
  • Contract Timeline Step 5

    Subject Matter Expert (SME) Training #3 - Define / Configure:

    • Document Types (Contract Types) and Statuses (live, WIP, expired, archived, custom)
    • Field sets / Fields / Custom fields
    • Attachment Types, Version Control
  • Contract Timeline Step 6

    Subject Matter Expert (SME) Training #4 - Define / Configure:

    • Attachment & Version Control
    • Query, Reports, Exports, Downloads, Printing
    • Email Notification Configuration
  • Contract Timeline Step 7

    Final Q&A / Wrap-up

    *Includes Contract Guardian assistance with up to 10 live contract(s) data entry with attachments

*Advanced Topics like Workflow are not included in the Onboarding & Implementation Checklist
*SME Training Session Hours allocation:

  1. Preparation
  2. All sessions scheduled per client's availability (approximately 1.5 hour each)
  3. Client guidance & assistance as needed

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