Manage Policy and Procedures with Contract Guardian

 Contract Guardian offers the flexibility to manage much more than just contracts!  Policy and Procedures is a good example.  Other processes that we see frequently managed by clients include: Incident Reporting, Human Resources, Certification Management, Equipment Warranties and Corporate Integrity Agreements to name a few. 

Policies are guiding principles that express the organization's culture, goals, and philosophy. Policies promote consistence and operational efficiency, enhance the organization's mission and mitigate significant organizational risk. Procedures are step-by-step descriptions of the tasks required to support and carry out organizational policies.


 Audit Trails  Automated distribution
 Automated Review & Approval  Workflow Management
 Content Management  Version Control
 Separate Organization (If Needed)  Role Based Security for Administration
 Dynamic and Scheduled Reports  Unlimited documents and attachments
 Electronic Signature  Risk Engine
Healthcare Policies and Procedures

 Policies and Procedures General Guidelines

Widespread application Narrower focus
Non-negotiable, change infrequently Subject to change and continuous improvement
Expressed in broad terms Detailed description of task/activities
Statements of what and/or why Statements of how, when and/or who and sometimes what
Answer major operation issues Detail a process