Ultimate flexibility for making mass changes

Hosted Contract Management

Ever wish you could edit records right within a report view of Contract Guardian?  Contract Guardian Power Grid enables user to consolidate their editing process by selecting the records and fields they wish to edit without having to open each individual record. Inline editing makes it fast and easy to edit contract / document records without ever having to navigate away from the Contract Guardian Power Grid.

Your business rules and validations are enforced with the ease of a spreadsheet like interface.

Power Grid

Mass Edit with Rich Interface

Contract Guardian Power Gird will rapidly display and edit all standard and user defined fields with a rich interface.

  • Advanced filtering on all data fields - dynamically changes based on field type and allowable options
  • Configurable view lets users see record details without opening the record itself
  • Sorting on any column by clicking on column heading
  • Drag and drop layout to put the information in the sequence you desire

Quick link to contract management full screen editing

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  • Journal
  • Related Contracts
  • Tasks
  • Contract workflow
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