SED | NASD Compliance for Contract Management

Hosted Contract Management Compliance

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) have instituted regulations that demand compliance surrounding the storage of financial records and electronic communications. Specifically, IT departments must implement processes that answer rules including:

  • The medium upon which the financial records are stored
  • The period of time the records must be stored
  • Accessibility and retention periods of email and instant messages

Contract Guardian hosted contract management solutions address security concerns by keeping contract information encrypted and immediately available. Detailed reporting gives regulators a clear idea of the chain of custody of the stored information, and rapid access, should it be required. Storing financial records with e.ssential Contract Guardian gives organizations the confidence in knowing that critical data is secure, yet quickly accessible. Electronically transporting records using industry-standard encryption to off-site secure locations where the data remains encrypted minimizes the chance of any unethical access or destruction of data.

"Contract Guardian gives organizations confidence that their contract management information is securely stored for as long as necessary, yet quickly accessible when needed."

Contract Guardian Support Staff