Hosted Contract Management

Contract Management Software Support"Contract Guardian Contract Management Support Services: The leading support organization for hosted contract management in the industry combining global experience with local firm service."

Contract Guardian Support Staff

Integrated Support for Contract Management

  • Client Support Forum - Each client is provided access to the client support forum. Here you have the opportunity to pose your questions/issue or search through the database of contract management questions and answers. (If you don't have access rights, make a request on a Support Ticket or call Sales)
  • Telephone Support - 239.799.1255
  • Remote Access - With just a few clicks, our support staff can share your Contract Guardian screens. Our staff of contract management experts and industry specific knowledge such as healthcare contracts can chat with end users in real time, guide them through a product demo, or even take permission-based control of the end-user's mouse and keyboard to show how to resolve a problem.
  • Feedback - Feedback Button delivers a generic way to communicate with everyone on the Contract Guardian Team. Send us a compliment, request, complaint or any other type of message. Everything is reviewed by Management, Marketing, Sales, Development & Support.
  • Training Videos - An ever growing inventory of contract management videos can be accessed from the Support Page
  • User Guides - Peruse our user guides or download a PDF version.

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