Contract Management

Contract Management Software Technology

Our contract management team has a broad and deep background in the development, support and hosting technology.  We always have the contract administrator's experience as a focal point of acceptance. In addition, we have standardized on technology that is common to almost any environment where the healthcare contract management solution could be deployed as a private cloud (On-premise).

Contract Management Technology Standards

Contract Guardian, Inc. has invested in training resources and developing best practices for Contract Guardian (Contract Management Software) development using Microsoft's .NET architecture. These standards help enable us to deliver to our clients:

  • Rapid enhancement for Contract Management Features
  • Built-in trusted security that is required for any cloud solution.
  • Industry standard code that eases the minds of your Information Technology department
  • Ease of Integration via Web Services
  • Design flexibility to meet the client needs
 Contract Management Technology
Contract Management Security

Contract Information security refers to protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction. The goals of information security include protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

Guarding the security of your data and systems is part of our DNA!
 Security for Contracts
Healthcare Contract Management

The Contract Guardian system provides personalized access to information, applications, processes, and people.

Contract Managers, Contract Administrators, Risk Officers & IT can sleep at night knowing our Data Center and their Contracts are safe and secure!

 Contract Data Center
Hosted Contract Management

Contract Guardian is designed to offer our clients both a Cloud based deployment or On-premise. One can also start with the cloud solution and switch to On-Premise.

Cloud deployments are fully managed requiring no IT, SSAE 16 infrastructure hardware, software and management costs.  One can easily access information from anywhere using a standard web browser with fast, reliable performance and high security!

The Contract Guardian On Premise or Private Cloud delivery model allows our clients to incorporate the application into their infrastructure. On-premise contract management keeps your business agreements close to the source.

 Contract Management Deployment
Healthcare Contract Management Search API

Contract Guardian can be integrated with your existing systems via easy to use and yet power APIs.  The search API can be initiated with or without predefined parameters. Typically, clients will have an icon that will initiate the search. It will open a new window and execute the full text search. The search addresses all security concerns and constraints associated with the client/user. It then scans all documents, Meta data and attachments before returning the results. Contract Guardian delivers on its reputation for arguably the best and certainly fastest search engine in the contract management industry. In addition to simple word or phrase search parameters, the user has the ability to use substitution parameters like * for multiple characters or a ? for a single character. Boolean operators are provided to provide more complex search options.

 Contract Management API