Contract Guardian Contract Management Training

Contract Guardians training offerings are designed to expedite your use of the healthcare contract management system� and maximize your investment. Training sessions are available for all of our customers. We provide training that will guide new users, experienced users that need a little refresher as well as advanced users looking to address some more complex situations.

Classes are typically delivered via the Web with prerecorded videos available on demand to supplement the education. Our on-site training classes offer a very flexible training agenda. Users that perform an On Premise Deployment will include the IT staff in the sessions.

General Training objectives:

  • Enhance user expertise of Contract Guardian
  • Improve user overall effectiveness
  • Share new capabilities and best practices
  • Reduce technical and administrative support issues

Healthcare contract management training

Class topics include:

  • Contract Security Configuration and Options
  • Populating Supporting Information
  • Contract Types and Custom Fields
  • Complete Contract Life Cycle
  • Task Assignments and Workflow
  • Searching and Filtering
  • Reporting and Exports
  • Submitting support tickets