Enhanced Security with Two-Factor Authentication

Hospital Contract Management

Two-factor authentication also known as 2FA or 2-Step Verification is an authentication method that requires two components, such as a pin/password + a token.

The default for all user logons whether local or remote has always been reliant upon the password.  In the past this has been "good enough" security as long as the password passed certain complexity constraints and was changed frequently.  The level of connectivity today demands additional steps to help assure security.

All to often reports in the media explain about passwords that are stolen, either electronically or by social engineering techniques:  passwords that are easily guessable, passwords that can be sniffed or captured by hardware of software keyloggers.  That is why another level of security is critical.

Contract Guardian eliminates the potential for unauthorized access by integrating 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication).   Both primary password and user's mobile phone are needed to properly authenticate and get access. Clients have two options for receiving the appropriate authorization codes.

  • TEXT: Send one-time security pass codes to a user's phone.
  • VOICE: Use text-to-speech as a failover or alternative delivery method.

Account administrators can turn on the two-factor authentication by simply checking the option in the account features section of Contract Guardian.  Once it is turned on, it will require users to authenticate both with their username/password and a code received either by phone call or text message.

Remember as you panic over how hard this all sounds: being secure isn't easy.  The bad guys count on you being lax in protecting yourself.  Contract Guardian simplifies the implementation of 2FA process for contract management.