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Why should you consider Contract Guardian?

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"Since UCG Technologies inception, our philosophy has been clear; a total commitment to helping our clients meet their objectives by delivering the most intuitive, feature rich, efficient and effective solutions available in the marketplace.  Our history of client driven development and client commitment is stronger than ever.  Hundreds of client suggested features are incorporated into Contract Guardian each year.  In addition, new and emerging technologies are continually integrated into the latest software offerings, helping our clients succeed in an ever challenging and changing environment."

James A. Kandrac, President

Here are a few specific reasons:

When you need to reference an agreement, can you access the document you need, when and where you need it?  Use Contract Guardian to store all of your agreements and other important documents in a secure contract management repository you can access from anywhere, anytime and on almost any device (Includes tablets and smartphone's with mobile layout).

 Contract Guardian Features

Contract Guardian is a web-based service that's delivered on-demand.  You can even have your own private cloud on your infrastructure.   That means there's no software to download or install, no upfront capital expenditure that requires extensive budget approval, and no expensive maintenance fees.  Access your contract information from anywhere, anytime and on almost any device.

 Cloud or On-premise

Contract Guardian is configured to match your needs for today and can be changed tomorrow. Our team provides you a complete inventory of standards to get you started quickly. Once you signup for our Contract Management System, you have a complete team poised to support you at every stage.

 Contract Management Security

Have you ever missed an important contract deadline?  Discovered changes had been made to a contract you didn't expect?  Eliminate those unpleasant surprises with Contract Guardian's Contract Management notification tools.  Set alerts & reminders for important milestones, task assignments, etc.  See all of your important contract action items on a pull out tab that is available on every screen.  All of your workflow notifications will keep you on schedule for review and approval of contracts.

 Contract Alerts

Every business has its own way of doing things. That's why we made it easy to customize Contract Guardian for your own business needs. With just a few simple selections, you can make Contract Guardian your own. Add new agreement types, Define your workflows and Create your own custom fields as well as Control access and security to match your requirements.

 Contract Management Services

Your success is our success and we know that! We offer multiple, tiered levels of application and technical support. 24 x 7 support is available with prior arrangements

  • Client Support Forum
  • Telephone Support - 800.211.8798 Ext. 201
  • Remote Access with Screen Sharing
  • Feedback/Issue - Integrated with Application
  • Training Videos
 Contract Management Support

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Can I store additional attachments related to a contract?  Absolutely!   One can store unlimited attachments related to a contract.

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Famous Contract Quotes

"A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's written on."

Samuel Goldwyn

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