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If you are a healthcare organization that struggles with document organization, managing renewals, siloed departments, and tracking compliance standards, Contract Guardian is your comprehensive solution for healthcare contract management. Contract Guardian is the combination of healthcare administration expertise, 30 years’ experience in infrastructure, data protection, security, and best practices in agile software development. The result is a complete healthcare contract management system specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the ever-changing healthcare industry. This unique skill set combination brings your organization value unlike other healthcare contract management solutions.

Contract Guardian Shield

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Custom definable fields for any document type

Organize and track your documents the way your organization needs them

Automated Graphical Workflow

Customize your processes to fit within your document life cycle

Search & Report

Personalized dashboard with ability to quickly obtain the information you need from your documents

Complete ownership of your data

Retrieve your data anytime. No fees. No restrictions

Built for Compliance

Role-based security and the necessary infrastructure configuration to satisfy BAA requirements

Contract Lifecycle Management

Customized Healthcare Workflow

Healthcare contract management requires exceptional attention to the work flow processes of many different types of documents. Contract Guardian addresses processes including Policies & Procedures, Incident Reporting, Credentialing, and others as standard modules. There can be unlimited work flows designed for your organization to make your processes for each document type more efficient.

Custom Healthcare Contract Workflow
Contract Data Owndership

Full Data Ownership

Your data may be your most valuable asset. Contract Guardian allows 100% access to your data at anytime. No restrictions, no fees. Contract Guardian is backed by 30 years of experience in data privacy and protection. We keep you data safe, compliant, and help you retrieve it when you need it.

On-going development enhancements in two week intervals

Several times per year is not enough to release product enhancements and updates. Contract Guardian users can expect regular improvements to the system and know that they are always operating on the most current technology for contract management. Our team of developers follow best practices in Agile software development to ensure we are changing to adapt with you.

Contract Development Enhancements

Healthcare Contract Management

The Healthcare Industry is full of regulatory compliance and strict guidelines regarding privacy and security. You have your patient data and billing under control, but what about all the other operations of the hospital or offices? Compliance regulations alone can be overwhelming. (HIPAA, HITECH, Stark I, II, III, Federal Anti-Kickback Statute, False Claims and Joint Commission)

Contract Guardian Healthcare Contract Management will optimize the value, control and compliance reporting for every agreement. Our healthcare contract management software meets the needs of healthcare by delivering the most intuitive and flexible contract management software in the industry. Contract Guardian gives you the tools to manage the specific needs of healthcare. A Contract Manager can create unlimited types of agreements with unlimited user defined fields.

Tired of digging through file cabinets and emailing different departments to get the contract information you need? Using Contract Guardian, you can find it in seconds with just a few keystrokes.

Time to Change!

Contract management software deployments and implementations can vary in complexity based on your organization's needs. Click the link below for an example of a cloud deployment for Healthcare Contract Management.

Onboarding & Implementation

Healthcare Contract Management

Healthcare Contract Management Best Practices

Systematize Your Contract Management Process The contract management process in a healthcare organization can be complex and requires the participation of numerous parties within your organization as well as those outside. Steps might include initial request, reviews, corrections and a series of final approvals. Establishing a defined process and flow for each contract type will help prevent mistakes and assure compliance. One can start by visualizing the flow through their process and then internalize the process via contract management workflow.

Use Workflow in Your Healthcare Contract Management A workflow system can typically accommodate an unlimited number of processes and steps to address any situation. In addition to standardizing your process and automating the flow, you will be able to readily identify the status of the contract as it moves through the system.

Leverage Role Based Security to Mirror Your Organizational Requirements Role based security will allow you to readily identify the users, access and permissions associated with each person. This will provide your healthcare compliance officer the information and assurances required for monitoring a user action. All actions are typical tracked with the audit journal.

Healthcare Contract Management Reporting with Contract Guardian enables you to construct a report using criteria from any field in the system. Contract Guardian search the full text of all documents in the system. Other features in Reports: One-step and advanced filtering on all data fields Page size selection Drag and Drop Layout Export of data to Excel (CSV) and PDF format. Save Reports Name and save your reports for future execution Create private and public reports. Public reports are shared with the users you designate. Private reports are for your eyes only.

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Contract Management Best Practices

Common Agreement Types

Create unlimited types

  • Physician Employment Agreements
  • Nondisclosure Agreement
  • Insurance & Bonds
  • Property, Equipment & Vehicle Leases
  • Information Technology Agreements
  • Managed Care
  • Affiliation Agreements
  • Research and Grant Agreements
  • Service Agreements
  • Employee Agreements

Healthcare Contract Management

Just a few of the benefits

  • Address Compliance Regulations
  • Bring Transparency to Contract Management
  • Unparalleled Notification System
  • Secure Web Based Contract Repository
  • Find Contracts in Milliseconds
  • Complete audit journal of all Contract Activities
  • Unlimited Contract Templates
  • Rapid ROI

Healthcare Organizations

Certified professionals helping you

A wide range of Healthcare Organizations benefit from our Contract Management Software. Examples include:

  • Hospitals
  • Group Practices
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Managed Care
  • Information Technology, Medical Billing and Claims