Graphical Workflows to Automate Contract Reviews, Approvals and Compliance

Contract Guardian delivers a highly configurable and flexible workflow engine. The workflow engine provides organizations the ability to define, automate, enforce and manage contract approvals, reviews and other processes from within Contract Guardian.

Contract Guardian's workflow module can accommodate an unlimited number of steps and custom notifications with auto-alert functionality that helps engage the correct people at the right time without flooding their email. Contract Guardian's workflow status reporting, journaling of all steps and visual status indicators provide management the feedback required to know the overall status of their workflow processes and identify and bottlenecks.


Contract Management Workflow

Contract Management Software Workflow Features

 Cloud Based  Integrated Documents
 Email Notifications  Visual Status Indicators
 Reports  Graphical Modeling - Drag and Drop
 Workflow Routes  Workflow Step Templates
 Pre-filled Forms  Flexible User Assignment
 Templates for Workflow Patterns  Role Based Access
 Temporary 3rd Party Access  Historical Inquiry of Workflow
Workflow Features
Contract Workflow Configuration


The configuration of a workflow is intuitive and includes the use of template options, drag and drop layout and a provision for 3rd party access.

  1. Route Information - Provide a contract workflow name and description.
  2. Steps - Configure your workflow's route - They can be selected from a template step or created on demand. One can sequence the steps by simply dragging and dropping the step into the   appropriate sequence.
  3. Step Name - Provide a name and description of the step information.
  4. Delinquency - Identify how many days you provide the user to complete their step before a delinquency alert is triggered. Option to provide
  5. Email Trigger - One can defined email notifications to be associated actions like step accepted or step rejected.
  6. Users & Groups - Identify who is responsible and also includes option for 3rd party temporary secured access.

  Create Workflow


  • Provides an intuitive, graphical workflow designer to build contract review, approval and other process workflows
  • Automates approvals, checklists and change management processes
  • Monitors process efficiency and identifies improvement areas
  • Delivers provision for 3rd party access with complete security and compliance
  • Journals all actions at every step of the flow
  • Automates notification without flooding the user with email
  • Delivers a managerial view of all workflows in their various stages with an individual calendar view

Contract Workflow Benefits